Cynical Tags Ahoy!

This exchange made me extremely happy for a number of reasons. If you’re a certain kind of nerd, it’ll get you pretty damn excited too:

[For the uninitiated, it’s the star of Firefly and the creator/recently-reinstated showrunner of superlative sitcom Community conspiring to collaborate.]

A good thing. Yes.

Less so are the comics I had to review for Nerdly from Bluewater comics, a company that doesn’t look to have much of a future in the industry if it doesn’t buck up its ideas of editorial competence:

If I was to offer one constructive criticism that covered all of these books it would be to fire Bluewater’s current editorial staff and hire a new team. There might be problems inherent in the stories and creatives involved in these books, but school-level grammar and spelling errors (it’s LOSE, people, not f#&%ing LOOSE!), messy design work and a lack of narrative guidance in many of the books speak to either a lack of enthusiasm for the work they’re doing or simply incompetence, neither of which is acceptable if Bluewater wants to be perceived as a professional company.

You can read the rest here if that whet your appetite for vitriol.

I figure I should sandwich one crappy thing in with two happy things, so here’s a CBR article on the many, many ways superhero movies with female leads are easily achievable and the wealth of material that’s out there waiting to be translated to the silver screen.

Oh, and I saw the Breaking Bad finale on Monday. I have some thoughts.

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